Delta V6 15-watt amp

New from Stage 5 Amps - The Delta V6 Blues Harp Amp 

-15 strong watts from two 6V6 power tubes, cathode biased 

-Switchable to 8 watts 

-12AY7 preamp tube, or optional 6SL7 octal preamp 

-One 10-inch Weber Signature alnico speaker 

-Weber power transformer, 240-volt option available 

-Oversized 20-watt Classic Tone output transformer for depth and punch 

-Hand soldered circuit board with top quality components 

-High and Low ¼ inch input jacks, optional TruTone line out jack 

-Tone control designed specifically for blues harp, from our Stage 5 RS Amp 

-Cabinet is high density particle board covered in black tolex 

-Dimensions: approx. 17 in wide, 9 in deep, 16 in tall. Weighs under 25 lbs. 

-Made in Denver, Colorado, USA by Bruce Collins 

-Price: Around $725. Available for order in November 2020