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ENGINEERING AND ORIGINS:  The new Stage 5 Amp is a joint venture of Bruce Collins at Mission Amps, creator of the Mission Chicago 32-20 and Delta Sonic amps and Rick Davis at Memphis Blues Amps, the architect of the Memphis Mini and Memphis 20 amps. 

As a performing musician with a lifetime of involvement in the field of music, Bruce Collins is also a gifted and highly skilled electronic technician, widely recognized around the world as an authority on vintage vacuum tube amplifiers, their circuitry and squeezing every drop of tone from them. 

The veteran blues harp player, Rick Davis is well known for his broad knowledge of electrified blues harmonica, amplified harp tone and their use in live performances.  Rick has authored the Blues Harp Amps Blog for over ten years. The blog has gotten well over a million hits.

Collectively, they have built and sold more than 3,000 tube amps to players worldwide. 

The Stage 5 Amp is a great blues harmonica amplifier designed for novice to pro players. We begin with the Stage Right amp from Monoprice, which originates in China.  It is well constructed with a rugged cabinet and robust internal circuit boards. What the Monoprice amp does not have is good tone for blues harp.  It is, however, an excellent platform for skilled amp tuners to work their magic. 

To create the new Stage 5 Amp, Bruce Collins radically alters the internal circuitry of the Monoprice amp, converting it to a perfect little blues harp beast. The finished Stage 5 Amp is supplied with a new Weber Signature speaker, a 6V6 power tube and 12AY7 preamp tube. 

The tone control on the Stage 5 Amp is a brilliant piece of engineering, different from any you’ve tried. It is much more than just a typical high cut, found on most all simple and inexpensive tube amps. You can use the volume and tone controls together to sculpt the sound from clean, to warm, to compressed, to crunchy, to singing. It rewards your good playing technique with an amazing range of cool tones. The amp is very loud and punchy for its size. 

The performance is pro-level all the way, but the price is entry level: $399.00. 

SHIPPING:  Amps are shipped to USA addresses via FedEx or UPS Ground.  Pedals, cables, and amps going outside the USA are all shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  Domestic shipping prices:  Amps- $50.  Pedals- $11.  International shipping prices:  Amps- $155.  Pedals- $55.  There is a shipping surcharge to very distant destinations, such as the states of Alaska and Hawaii, and the nations of Australia and New Zealand.  Shipping costs have been fluctuating wildly, so our prices are subject to change at any time.

EASY RETURN POLICY:  You may return the amp or pedal within 15 days if you are not satisfied with it.  The item must be in perfect original condition and packed in the original boxes.  Upon receipt and inspection of the returned item we will refund the purchase price.  Sorry, we cannot refund shipping charges.

Contact us at MissionAmps@gmail.com

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We are a Blues Business Associate of the Blues Foundation, Memphis, TN