Lose the Feedback -- Dial in the Fat Tone 

Our newest product for pro harp players: The Little Fatty pedal. 

-Reduce feedback 
-Fatten your tone 
-Dial it in to your taste 
-No batteries or power supply needed 
-Only $65 

The Little Fatty will help you get good harp tone through a high gain guitar amp and let you dial in the fat sound you crave.  It does not require any batteries or power supply, and it has only one knob for setup. 

Pro touring players often use rental amps available in the towns they play.  That means they are usually faced with playing through a high gain guitar amp such as the Fender Deville.  The Little Fatty allows any player to get workable blues harp tone through an unruly beast of an amp.  The Little Fatty will calm the high gain spikes and warm up the highs that otherwise lead to screaming feedback.  Use the FAT control to dial in the tone you want, from thick low end to singing highs or anything in between. 

It is not intended for use with a good harp amp, such as our Stage 5 Amps or other fine custom harp amps.  It is meant for use with a stock guitar amp that has not been "tubed down" or otherwise had the gain reduced. 

View the MM Little Fatty Owners Document

What players are saying about the Little Fatty Pedal: 

Rob Paparozzi -- "This pedal is amazing! I use stock Fender Amps. A Fender Blues Deluxe and a Fender Blues Junior IV. This pedal trims the high end just enough to let me crank the volume without feedback. Loving it!"

Rob Paparozzi used the Little Fatty pedal at Iridium NYC when he headlined a tribute to the Paul Butterfield Band.

- - - -

Tim Blanton -- "I just got my Memphis Blues "Little Fatty" yesterday.... Pretty sure I love this cutie. It tamed the high gain squeal of my Line 6 Spyder Jam and even cured the tiny Roland Micro Cube's feedback issues. Bring it on! I'll play on any amp they stick in front of me now. For those of us burdened with playing through guitar amps this Little Fatty is a lifesaver. Yahoo.... Many thanks to Rick Davis for another fine product at a great price." 

- - - - 

Albert  in The Netherlands -- "Hello Rick, I have received the pedal and it works great on a Marble Bluesonic amp, on a Gibson BR6 amp and even on a Fender Blues Deville.  it's a  great little pedal . Best regards. 

- - - - 

Eric W. in OZ -- "Hello Rick, The Little Fatty pedal that you sent to me here in Australia arrived and it works so well. It reduces the feedback on both my valve and solid state amps, enabling me to get more volume. Well done." 

- - - - 

Don B. -- "Hi, just wanted to say the Little Fatty works great, my tone is definitely fatter and feedback is managed." 

- - - - 

Jimmy T. – “I used it at a jam last night. Love how it cuts down on feedback. Thanks” 

- - - - 

Doug C. – “Got it and it sounds great and helps with the feedback on my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.”